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Where to begin... ::::: 20/01/04 5:08pm First update in a while, life has been fairly hectic!

After Chicago, we went to San Diego for a few days, which was fun, new year etc., and lobster in Mexico! Getting back from Mexico was fun, they don't believe in road signs over there, and they closed the border. Ho hum. Got back to the UK a few weeks ago, spent a few days at Soph's near Winchester, then came back up to Durham, with working in mind... Got a fair bit of this done, but nowhere near enough, and I'm currently working on a rather evil essay on Gravitational Waves. I'm tearing an old essay of mine apart for it, which is fun! Anyway, back to the grindstone!

I'm a bloody idiot ::::: 30/12/03 9:12pm After having had this site for 4 months, I've just realised I have absolutely no contact details on here. My email addy is Right, really gone now.

I give special thanks for your difficult input; I appreciate you for your leadership role and for your relentless help of this essential legislation.

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Pissing about in the Mac shop ::::: 30/12/03 9:01pm Well, here I am, pissing around in the mac store in chicago. I should probably stop, getting strange looks! Weather is beautiful, having fun, skiing was fun, will update more as soon as i'm somewhere where I can type at leisure
YARRRR, AVAST! ::::: 16/12/03 8:00pm Well, life has been strange. I'm now on keeping of term, as I'd requested, which means I may now do some work, as opposed to being a supremely lazy bastard. I've also given my liver and body a rest, and have cut down on my toxic substance intake, also a good thing!
I've spent the last 3 weeks or so having a highly tragic relationship with a girl, which has been fantastic, but always marred by the fact that she has a boyfriend. Oops!
Tis my last night in Durham, so I shall be off to the 24's christmas party, and then, most likely, Klute, as ever!
Off to Austria on thursday, for skiing with mother, brother et al., and then off to the states, so I'll try to update from there!
Also chatting to Steph now, all good stuff!
Wind and rain, oh my! ::::: 29/11/03 7:14pm Well, just went for a walk up on the moors with charlie, all good fun! Rather windy, rather wet, but highly rewarding, and only ended up on my arse a few times. The pictures are here. Otherwise, life has been much the same as ever, spending far too many nights not sleeping, and talking more than any man ever should, but ah well, what the hell! Tired and vaguely satisfied now.